What is Marsianism?


Marsianism is a new humanistic religion for the 21st century.  It is an honest approach to faith.  It is atypical in form.  It claims no gods, holy men or holy books.  It has no physical location, formal leadership or membership cost.  It crosses all ethnic boundaries to include the entire human family.  What is it?  It is an ideology found in the hearts and minds of its believers.  It is faith in the colonization of Mars for the survival and advancement of humanity.  Its core tenets are found in the Marsian Creed.

It is the new Mars religion.

Marsian Creed

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a joke or some kind of parody?


What’s the difference between a Martian and a Marsian?

The definition of a Martian \ˈmär-shən\ has been well established.  It typically refers to an inhabitant of the planet Mars or something “Mars like”.  Marsian \ˈmär-zē-ən\ on the other hand is a new term that refers to a believer in Marsianism.  A person can be a Martian and not be a Marsian and vice versa.

Is colonizing Mars even possible in our lifetime?

Yes.  The first colonization of Mars may potentially happen within the next 10 years.  Listen to Stephen Petranek as he details the imminence of Mars colonization:

Only governments and rich people will have a chance to go to Mars.  How does this relate to me personally?

Not true.  The efforts of Elon Musk of SpaceX may potentially make travel to Mars affordable for anyone willing to go.  His goal is to reduce the cost of the trip to around $200,000.  Anyone with enough ambition could raise the money to go.

What if you’re wrong?  What if we never colonize Mars?

Here are 10 reasons why we will colonize Mars:

Why start a religion?

We need a paradigm shift.

It is time to start thinking about Mars. We need to inspire a new generation. We need evangelists for Mars colonization. We are heading quickly toward becoming a multi-planetary species. Along with all of this, there needs to be a new ideological movement, something that unifies us and gives us direction, something that people can believe in.

Humanity needs a fresh start to faith.

The old religions of the past were founded based on ethnic mythologies long before humanity acquired knowledge through science. Their non-inclusive natures have caused many problems throughout history. One would think the solution to this would be to discard all forms of religious faith, but doing so is counter-intuitive to our nature. We all strive to find purpose and meaning in our existence. This yearning will never be extinguished. Let’s take a rational approach to faith. It’s time to discard our differences and believe in each other. More than ever, humanity must unite behind one common purpose.

Mars colonization will be extremely dangerous. It will be life threatening. The first interplanetary pioneers will need a light guiding them through the difficult times. Uniting behind a clear sense of purpose gives us strength. What better purpose can there be in life than helping to facilitate the preservation of humanity itself?

Many of you have discarded any notion of religion. Rational thinking people realize that denying scientific knowledge for some ancient mythological teaching that has no factual basis is foolish. After abandoning religious superstitions, many of us find ourselves left with some kind of humanistic worldview while embracing atheism or some loose concept of “God”. We pride ourselves for not being one of the crazy people. However, I ask you, why should crazy people have a monopoly on faith? If I tell you that I believe in you, I have faith in your potential and I believe in what you are doing, does that make me crazy? There is nothing crazy about believing in each other, and at a watershed moment in history like this, there is nothing more important.

Does Marsianism have guidelines for morality as other religions?

Morality is subjective.  In the past, religions used commandments dictated from invisible deities to control the behavior of their populations through fear.  This archaic form of control is outdated.  Religion should inspire, not condemn.  Law and order in society is the role of human government, not religion.  Marsianism does not intend to micromanage an individual’s behavior although it does suggest one simple all encompassing guiding principle.  It is the Marsian Code:

Goodness for all.

Goodness encompasses many concepts including love, justice, equality and fairness.  Goodness is subjective and is interpreted individually by each of us with our own empathetic conscience.  How can one truly believe in the Marsian Creed without empathy?  Having empathy is a prerequisite to becoming a Marsian.  “For all” is inclusive and is not limited to humanity.  As with “Goodness”, it is also individually defined.

Can I “believe in God” and also be a Marsian?

Yes.  “Believing in God” is not incompatible with Marsianism unless it conflicts with the Marsian Creed.  In other words, Marsianism rejects any notion of revelation that is not scientifically verifiable.  Marsianism is a science based religion.  It is agnostic to the concept of deity.

How do I become a Marsian?

It’s very simple.  Just do the following:

With your dominant hand, point in the direction of Mars with your index finger (or up to the sky), at the same time put your other hand over your heart and say the Marsian Creed.

That’s it.  You are now a Marsian.  Welcome to the family.

Why do this? Why does this matter? You are doing this for yourself. You are creating an experience that becomes an anchor in space and time that marks the moment you became a Marsian. It has no mystical power. It is purely symbolic. As humans, we quantify our reality with experiences. It doesn’t matter if you do it alone or in a group, what matters is the experience you created by doing it. You will remember that today is the day you became a Marsian.

Who is the founder of Marsianism?

Tom Klehm.  He is the author of the new book Marsianism:  The New Mars Religion.  The ebook is available for free here in pdf format.  It is no longer available for purchase.

Marsianism: The New Mars Religion